Commercial Photo Gallery

Business Warehouse

Commercial Large Loss

Our desiccant drying 45,000 sq ft. of flood damage caused by the recent rain that has affected many areas in Southern California. Including this warehouse in North Hollywood. SERVPRO of Arcadia was able to dry the entire structure within a few days with minimal business interruption.

Commercial Smoke Damage

Many homes and businesses have been affected, due to the recent wildfires. This a job, we did where we placed multiple air scrubbers in different locations of the business. Air scrubbers are used to filter the air and eliminate odors from contaminated areas.

Senior Center Water Damage

This water damage occurred when the dispensary water line burst. The water migrated into the hallways and into the auditorium. We were able to extract the water and dry the structure completely within 5 days. 

Professional Cleaning Product Warehouse

This is the SERVPRO corporate warehouse located in Gallatin, Tennessee where all our products are manufactured. The raw materials are mixed, packaged and then shipped to several SERVPRO locations nationwide.


Steve Lopez and Julio Flores getting the generator started. We use the generator when we deal with homes and commercial buildings that lost power due to a water damage or even a fire damage.

We set up the equipment using generators. 

Emergency Ready Profiles

Irene Jimenez and Suzie Krikorian set up Emergency Ready Profiles for the local school district! We got the schools ready for any type of disaster. SERVPRO knows how much easier life can be when you PLAN ahead! 

For Emergency Ready Profile information check out our blog!