What our Customers say...


You guys were amazing. Old-style professional service is impossible to find these days. I'll be telling my friends about your company.

I was very satisfied with the services rendered by SERVPRO.

Excellent and friendly service. SERVPRO did a good job of explaining the aftermath of a fire. The team was very careful storing away my belongings and glad they were there to help.

Everyone did a great job! The SERVPRO team came out within one hour and cleaned up a major toilet leak.

We never knew we had a problem until one day we noticed our ceiling turning into a orange color tone. My first thought was that it might be mold, maybe I had a pipe up there leaking, there was also a nasty odor. That was when I called SERVPRO, I spoke to Kathy who was so nice and helpful. 

After our workers checked the attic and noticed it was not mold or water damage, but actually 2-4 dead opossums. We don't know how they got up there but they were stuck with no way to get out! SERVPRO then took the proper steps to clean and restore the roof panels that were damaged from the feces and nasty odors.

Thank you SERVPRO.  

Very careful with my old house and cleanup was a breeze.

I oversee the maintenance at a hotel in downtown Pasadena and we had to 'condemn' a room due to a bio hazard situation. I called Tony Martin to come to handle it, and he did. He worked with me and his contractors and the room was bare bones in no time! They disposed of the contaminated furniture properly and were totally upfront on billing when a 2-day task only ended up being a few hours. Tony Martin is now my go-to guy if any disasters go down.

I would like to thank you SERVPRO for the excellent job that you  and your staff have provided in what could have been a very serious problem for our company.

On September 27th 2019 I telephoned our insurance company and advised them of a flood that had occurred at our facility. They referred me to you and your staff was out here shortly thereafter to assess the situation and begin the drying process reducing the amount of potential damage.

By SERVPRO reacting quickly we were able to get our employees back to work with a very minimal amount of lost time for that day. In addition, during the drying time and repair time there was no lost time for the company which would have cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars. We appreciate the professionalism with which your staff handled themselves and your cooperation in working around "our" schedule so as a eliminate any disruption to our daily responsibilities .

We appreciate the efforts put forth both in respecting our need to keep our business running and for the excellent job in restoring our facility 

Sincerely, Roberta B


The SERVPRO technicians were polite, respectful, and professional. They asked me for permission before moving my furniture and personal items so they can properly inspect areas impacted by water damage. I can't assess how competitive SERVPRO is in terms of pricing since the billing went through my insurance company, but in terms of the crew and their professionalism, they get my thumbs up.

We were very satisfied with the work of SERVPRO. Once State Farm told us to call them, their crew came in and took control of the situation. When something like this happens and you truly don't know what to do, it helps having a team of people like the ones at SERVPRO!

Dear SERVPRO Of Arcadia,

I would like to share my appreciation with you and your staff for the wonderful job they did in assisting me through the water damage I experienced.

My water damage occurred in February 20th of 2019 and you guys were able to get my home back to normal within 2 months. You did the water mitigation and repairs on my home and I was very happy how everything came out. Your crew is very professional and I appreciate how they took the problem out of my hands.

If this type of loss ever occurred to my family or friends I would have no problem recommending them to use your company. I always appreciate great customer service.

Thank You

Exceptional service and great attention to detail!

Can I start off by saying wow! the service I received was by far the quietest and most helpful. The respond time was great many other places I called just simply turned me down , not this team. For the short notice that they had they were able to send out a team and cleaned out the office area . They removed all the water that had leaked over the weekend. I cant leave out the fact that they worked diligently and to be honest I didn't see them take a break. Very understanding to the urgency that I was showing , the office was only down for a few hours thanks to this team  my boss was happy and so was I. The only thing I regret was not calling them first!

We had mold so bad in our home that my family could no longer live there. The crew came in and took care of all the mold and rebuild everything in a very timely manner.  Thank you!

Great staff and great crew!

Anthony and Jim were so very helpful in restoring my house back to good shape following the Creek Fire. Their organization, professionalism, cleanliness and communication all led to a job well done. 

Anthony and his team were excellent all around. 

Ive used SERVPRO a few times and never been disappointed. Thanks to Tony who always gets a crew out whenever I need them. 

Great work done by all the employees. They even recommended a great environmental testing company. SERVPRO was a big help.

Got the mold removed quickly so that were able to use that classroom again. The crew was very polite and knew what they were doing.

The owner Anthony really has a well trained crew. The guys performed great and got the job done. Cant complain about their work. Great job guys. Steve was a big help and made sure I had whatever I needed.

Very impressed with the results. They made sure all my items were safe and covered before they began work.

SERVPRO's team is great! They worked fast and efficiently because of the deadline we were facing. The crew chief Julio, was able to keep updated on everything that was going on.

Dear Anthony, Amy, Angie

Thank you for your kind and professional completion of the restoration cleaning of home. Your staff was responsive, prompt, thorough and professional. We appreciate the care you took with us over the phone regarding our concerns and financial hardship. Excellent service all around.

Water leaked through the wall and turned into mold. Was so grateful that SERVPRO does mold remediation as well. The crew contained the area, so that the mold couldn’t spread.

SERVPRO came highly recommended. Both Anthony and his office have been a big help!

Recommended SERVPRO to a friend because of their outstanding service. Highly recommend them! They're also very helpful and efficient.

Excellent work & crew!

We used SERVPRO and were very impressed with their service.

Their Crew Chief, Julio Flores, was absolutely perfect with everything he did for us. He was efficient and polite, know what he had to do and got the job done in a timely manner.

Thank you Julio & thank SERVPRO.

What service! Anthony and his team came to my home in Santa Barbara after The fires and cleaned everything from the roof to the walls to the floors. Every detail was taken care of. No job was too small. The team was so kind and courteous and were willing to do anything to make my home sing. They came at 8am and didn't leave until 6pm. I can't recommend them more highly.

During an extremely stressful time, the Thomas Fire, SERVPRO of Arcadia helped me to return my home to pre-fire condition. They communicated with me, helped me navigate the learning curve of a natural disaster and they cared! I would like to thank Anthony, Kathy and Amy for both providing the services of their own team as well as referring me to the appropriate vendors for specialty repairs. I would hire them again and I recommend them to anyone who is in need of SERVPRO areas of expertise. Help is out there!!!

Referred a friend with high recommendations to SERVPRO of Arcadia, that was affected by the recent wild fires in Southern California. 

Our customers have always been satisfied with the work and customer service SERVPRO of Arcadia provides. They are thorough and knowledgeable and its a great benefit that this company can not only take care of the water restoration but they can also execute the repair and rebuild of your home or commercial property.

We are all grateful for the quick help. Thank you for keeping us posted.

Everything was handled quickly and professionally!

We were extremely impressed with the professionalism and the quality of service, of all SERVPRO reps.

There was a some details that were hard for me to learn. Everyone was very patient answering my questions and talking me through the necessary info.

Did an excellent job, very professional. Great to work with and they were fast, efficient and conscientious. 

I've always had a great experience when having them help out our customers at work. I like the fact that they will guide me through their process. They are fast and efficient.  Great service

Category 3 Water backed up into our unit and SERVPRO seriously came to the rescue. 

My main point of contact was Anthony. During the entire ordeal, he answered my calls and text messages immediately. I did not ever have to leave a message. He understood that I was under a lot of stress having to deal with this type of catastrophe. He really made me feel at ease.

My second point of contact was Julio. He was my main contact on site. He was very informative and just instructed me on what was going to happen during the repairs and filled me in on how the repairs would be completed. Their care for the property during the repairs was great. They kept it as clean as possible and contained the work space to keep any debris from spreading throughout the unit.

The incident happened on May 8th, I finally moved back home on June 2nd. the dust has finally settled and I cannot thank SERVPRO enough for their assistance.

SERVPRO was referred to me through my insurance company, the Auto Club of Southern California (AAA). They truly are the best in my eyes. In my field, I deal with quite a few different insurance companies. I do not have any problem recommending them and have done so plenty of times.

~A caring and attentive company!
~Knowledgeable and informative!!
~Many thanks to the SERVPRO of Arcadia Team.

No offense, but I hope I never need you guys again!

The crew was great and Steve was a gem!

Kathy and Steve were awesome!!!

Thanks so much for sending Steve. He was most professional and helpful to us. Kathy at the office was awesome!

We had water damage to our kitchen in October and our insurance company referred us to SERVPRO of Arcadia for performing the remediation service.  When I called SERVPRO in the evening, Anthony answered the phone promptly and sent a crew of people to initiate the remediation process immediately.  Their employees were very professional, efficient and careful in handling the remediation work.  The work area was very clean after all the equipment were set up and workers were very respectful of our home, they explained what they were going to do and made sure that all questions were answered until we were satisfied.  After the drying process was finished, all the equipment was removed promptly.  All work performed was supervised and I was very happy that there's always a management person to maintain quality control.  I will definitely recommend SERVPRO's service.

Dear SERVPRO Staff

Your franchise did a wonderful job. Big thank you to Tony and all the technicians who serviced the building. We would recommend SERVPRO to all our family and friends. We have a building located in Arcadia California, we called SERVPRO because we needed some areas of the building cleaned so we don't increase mold growth due to high level of moisture in the building. They came in right away did the job. We were surprised on how professional and quickly they handled the job.

Thank you,

Monica G.


I appreciate the professionalism of your company, prompt response and specially Jim he is a pleasure to work with. 

Im very impressed with Tony. He tried to save my marble back splash and minimized opening the wall as well. Thank you & your employees they were very professional.

Thank you SERVPRO for providing sanitizing and clean up at my house. Our dog had  passed away in our home and a friend pointed us to SERVPRO pasadena , they came  & clean up the mess and sanitize the house.  I never knew they service bio-hazard clean up . Great job. 

SERVPRO is an amazing company.

On Sept. 23 I woke up to 2-3 inches of water all on my first floor at my home. I never experience anything like this and had no idea where it all came from. I called SERVPRO because my neighbor told me about them. I called them around 7:30 am and they were on site by 8:10. They really took the weight off my shoulders. They came in fast worked hard and finished and my house looks and feels normal again .


I had to call a service provider for a some mold issues in my home. I got SERVPROs number from the local Arcadia  Chamber. SERVPRO was on site within a hour of the phone call. I was very pleased with the amount of information i got from the estimator the prices were great !

They cleaned up the mold and my house looks and smells amazing now!  

They did a great job, and they worked very well as a team. I was impressed with that. They all seemed to care about doing a good job. 

Would like to say thank you to SERVPRO for providing an emergency ready plan for my building! 

We wanted to have a ready plan incase of a disaster and we did some online searches most were over 100$ but then my friend from the Chamber refereed us to SERVPRO they said they had free emergency ready profile for the community and any one in need for a emergency plan. The SERVPRO girls came in and took pictures of the shut off valves asked us a few questions regarding the building.  A Couple days later they returned with a hard copy and an app. on the smart phone which was amazing because it will be with me 24 hours!

It is a great thing to have!                         


I wanted to take the time to acknowledge a franchise of yours. This company did an excellent job and i would like you to know about it.

I recently had a fire in my home. We had never experienced such a devastation. My wife and myself really did not know who to call to help. Someone suggested us to SERVPRO of Arcadia and Pasadena North. I called them rand they came to my home.

The technicians were extremely professional and explained the step to step procedures took the entire problem off my hands which freed me up to go about my normal routine without the stress of having to deal with the mess.

I was amazed by the professionalism, the empathy these people of SERVPRO showed me in this stressful time. Our family and our home was back to normal in no time, even better then ever. I want you to know that I will always keep this company in high regards and recommends them to friends.

Thank you , 

Bill J.